Though the tote we are discussing here is not a thermos one, but it is of a wider interest to all who love to carry their food in a thermos daily. This is an innovative lunch tote which can make your food warm as and when you wish. This Japanese bento heater will definitely start a revolution in the thermos industry. Let us look into more details of this thermos lunch box heater.

Lunch box heater tote - regularThermos lunch box warmer bag - slim

This handy thermos lunch bag is the creation of Thanko from Japan and it costs around $32. This lunch tote can warm your food for up to 60 degree C. The lunch bags are available in two models – one is the regular one of dimensions 135 x 205 x 100 mm and the other is the slim with 235 x 130 x 65 mm measurements.

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The lunch heater bags come with either 1 or 2 USB connectors and operating it is very simple – just plug the USB connector to your desktop’s ports and you are ready to go after a few minutes. There are no details on whether it is able to retain heat for long time or about the power consumptions. It is better to make sure about the specifications if you are planning to use it with your laptop.

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