This is the major problem for most of us that the food cooked in the morning gets soggy when we eat it in the afternoon. This problem spoils the taste and essence of food if the food in your thermos lunch box is something like noodles or pasta. The solution for such a problem is a workaround which you need to inculcate in your cooking habits to eat the same fresh food even after hours you store the food in your thermos lunch box


Thermos lunch box with noodles

Reason for noodles get soggy in thermos container:

The reason why such problem occurs is that the thermos lunch container keeps your food warm for a long time and the food still keeps cooking inside the box even if it has been taken out of the stove or oven. This is the same normal phenomenon which we observe in elevators when they get overcrowded.

How to avoid noodles being soggy after storing in thermos box:

The solution for this is a change you need to bring in your cooking habits. First, identify all those food which you feel get soggy when you eat the food after storing it in thermos lunch boxes for a time range of say 3 – 5 hours. The next time when you cook the same food, make sure you are not going to cook it to the fullest extent. It should be a bit more than half cooked and should be let to cook inside the thermos lunch container. By the time you eat the food, it will be cooked properly because of the heat which persisted in the thermos hot box.

This is one of the easy way to solve the problem of food getting soggy when stored in a thermos box. There might be other ways people use to avoid such a problem. If you are aware of any other ways to solve this, please share in comments.

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